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From Laurie  10/5/16

Anyone who has struggled with websites to make a photo book only to end up frustrated and with no photo book should consider having Aleene do a photo book for you.  She does a terrific job! The books are beautiful and well thought out.  She listens and really tries to customize the photo books based on her client’s tastes and needs.  But she also has great ideas of her own if you need them and want her to recommend things to you.  I can’t say enough about her.  She saved me from digital photo book misery.  I recommend her to anyone and everyone.      Laurie G.   … Connecticut

From Elizabeth  12/27/16

Thank you, Aleene, for putting together a masterpiece photo book.  I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday by reflecting on the many happy times I’ve experienced over the years, and the wonderful people that make up my life.  I supplied some of the photos, while friends and family sent in images from a variety of places and times – it was a major organizational feat that you managed with great care and passion.  Your understanding of the project, engagement in the thinking behind the envisioned end product, careful eye on design, and keen attention to detail and visual impact have all come together in a beautiful book that I will cherish forever.  I love the layout of images and integration of text.  You are a true professional, and I have felt very comfortable in putting this project in your hands.  In addition to your artistic skills and the passion your bring to this work, I appreciate the practical aspects of the way you managed the process, including frequent check-ins regarding price as the project grew, and layout questions we could discuss and decide on together.  It has always been both easy and enjoyable to communicate by phone and email.  Thank you most sincerely for putting together this beautiful book, and for managing all the details with such care.  Your passion and talent for this work can’t be overstated.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors for 2017!   Elizabeth ….. Maryland

From Dana  12/7/16

The owner/designer of Photo Book Designs is an absolute jewel to work with. My husband is a Vietnam era veteran, who our family wanted to honor in a special way. PBD created the ultimate keepsake in a photo album collection of his squadron, shipmates, and reunions, including personal photos from the past and present. It’s a priceless treasure to my husband. Thank you for helping us build such a special memory!        Dana…….Texas

From Dana  2/15/17

We have two grandsons and I wanted to teach them the “lost art” of writing, so I sent Photo Book Designs a classic photo of the boys and their basset hound to be made into note cards. They received them for Christmas, pre-addressed to each set of grandparents and stamped. I can not tell you the joy it brings and the smiles in our hearts when we receive a “written” note in the mail. They love the cards because of the photo and we grandparents love their spontaneous, sweet words. Its a WIN-WIN! Thank you PBD for helping us build a lasting legacy that will stand the test of time…..long after a text or email is long forgotten!        Dana…….Texas

From Emily  3/1/17

Aleene made a beautiful book of all my pets over the years! My pets are the heart and soul of my home, and my photo book is a wonderful way to “keep them close,” even after they are gone. (I gave Aleene about 500 pictures on a thumb drive, and she picked out the best ones for the book which was great because I didn’t have to go through them all which would have been very time consuming and hard for me to decide!) Thanks, Aleene – I love it!!            Emily……..Texas

From Cindy  12/11/17

I wanted to create a special anniversary gift for my husband and decided on a photo book. Aleene at Photo Book Design took the numerous pictures, and newspaper clippings I gathered up and made the most wonderful hardback photo book I could have asked for- and in record time! She is a delight to work with and her caring approach really shows in the quality of her work. I can honestly say I highly recommend her services if you are considering a special photo book. / Cindy Z.

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