Nothing by Storms

HandsFamily-005Oh my goodness!  There were over 50 tornados on May 27.  When this happens it is total devastation and you lose everything that includes your photos.  The old/antique pictures were in boxes or the old heavy photobooks with the original photo so when the storm starts you leave them behind and your family’s history in photos are gone.  If you put your photos in one of the new photobooks then if something happens you can do a grab and go with your photobooks because they are so light weight.  Photos are the way we remember snapshots of our lives, don’t let them get completely destroyed.  Even if you don’t have a storm; you will love the fact that they are right there on your coffee table to look at and the originals can be put away.

You can do it yourself, but will you?  Go to my website and fill out the contact me form.   I will call you and we can talk about what you would like.  There is a special for anyone who has photos that were damaged in the storms.