Can you put a price on turning your pictures into a story that you and others will enjoy for generations?

BASIC PHOTO BOOK – 8 X 11 (Hard Cover) $95.00**

**Custom Wedding Guest Book 8 x 11 start at  $200   Premium Layflat Hardcover with extra thick paper.

Pricing includes:

  • A standard 8″ (tall) X 11″ (wide), hard cover book
  • 10 pages, but with front and back you will have 20 pages for photos… it will accommodate about 75-100 pictures including a front cover picture and one on the back of the book, depending on it you add a lot of text.
  • Enhancing 100 pictures (if you send more there will be an additional charge for enhancing)
  • Free delivery in Lubbock, TX.  Shipping fees apply to deliveries outside of Lubbock.
  • Deadlines may apply.

There are four ways we can build your photo book.

  1. Send me your pictures on a CD, thumb drive, via e-mail or through an online program.
    1. I will build your photo book.
    2. You will get the CD or thumb drive back
  2. Send me your pictures (as above)
    1. You label the pictures Any labels that you want on the pictures must be breif
    2. The basic photo book does not include any text except a simple label on the picture …  (ie  Joe and Mom 1989)
  3. Send me your pictures (as above)
    1. Make note of any pictures you wish to include space for hand-written notes and I will leave some lines for you to write your own message.
  4. If you are overwhelmed with your photos you can send me the pictures, let me know how much you want to spend on the book (if you want extra pages) and if there are any photos that you really want included.   I will pick out the ones that are the best, make the book, and then you can preview it before I order.  Four changes are included on this one for free, if you decided to make more than four changes there will be an hourly fee.


Anything other than the above items will be a custom book.

Below is an example of a custom book. It was 14 X 11 and was 925 photos.





I can do as many pictures and text as you want, however the price depends on the time it takes to do the book.  It will be an hourly charge.

Let me help you get your photos and stories together. This one is a more in-depth book (probably for a family history book). I will sit down with you (you must be in Lubbock or surrounding area), and we will go through your pictures. We will pick out the ones that you feel are most important, and then we will write the captions or you can tell me the story behind the picture and I will take it down, then edit it and put it in the book. There will be an interview fee of $15.00 an hour which will be added to the cost of your book. This might just be the easiest way to get your story told. This will be a custom book therefore I will take your information and email you an estimate of the price.  If you are out of town there will be traveling expenses.

*If you request that I take your pictures at your event there is a fee of $20.00 an hour. Once the book is done then I will email you all of the pictures.

*If you need to have pictures scanned, need additional pages in your photo book, or would like a different size book, please contact me for a custom quote!

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