Taking Photos … Something You Love

Today I was reading an article on how to take better photos.  You know the kind of article; the one that tells you all the right things to look for in the foreground and etc.  Well I got to thinking, I know all that is important, however many times people over complicate the process.  Yes if you are going to be a heavy hit photographer then you need to do all the right things.  But it you are just someone wanting to take good pictures for yourself, family or friends don’t worry so much about every little thing in the picture.  Sometimes those little things make the picture even more interesting.

Emilys ribbon 035p
See this picture.  I was just taking a picture of the Sunset and didn’t even notice the road (that looks like the road to no where doesn’t it).  I find it an interesting picture.


This is another one that I was just capturing the sunset and the trees got in the way (so to speak).  The trees actually give it more depth.  So stop worrying that everything is just right and go ahead an take the picture…you might just be surprised at what you get.