Dementia and Alzheimer’s Memory Book

Memory book

Today I was surfing the net.  Thinking I would just read some interesting articles.  After reading several I came across one that just had to be shared.  It is making a memory photo book for a person who is having problems remembering their family.  There seems to be so little we can do to help them so if this will help for a little while it is worth doing.  If we don’t have someone with this issue right now most likely you will as it touches almost every family.  It was my grandmother.  I hope you will read the entire article it is extremely good and pass it on to others that it might help.

How to make a Memory Book for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients
Katinka Hesselink

Last Paragraph:   Remember: your parent isn’t there to comfort you. That’s no longer an option. Their life is not a movie, it’s the real thing and accepting your parent where they are – remembering or not – is more important than your need for them to slow the process of their disease. Use a memory book when it works and then stop when it no longer does.

Once you have read the article let me know if I can help you make a book for your loved one.  Check out my website, then call me. This is something that is close to my heart.

Aleene Embry

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Graduation 2018 is almost here!

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Today is a day of “gratitude”.  I’m so thankful for my God, my family and friends and my clients, each and everyone of you are special to me.  As we go through life and in the end this is all that really matter.  I’m so blessed.  What got me to thinking about this is; my nephew is going to see his adopted sister for the first time in three years and he is so excited. As we were talking about it, he said to me, “I’m going to take lots of pictures so you can make me one of our books.” I’ve made him a couple so that he can keep people close to him that are special and he loves the books even though he is 18 years old.

I’m telling you this because don’t discount the fact that when your children go off to college, they would love to take their friends and family with them. This is a wonderful way to do that.  These photo books are great for them to have handy if they get a little lonesome.

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Pets – Pets – Love your Pets?


You take your pets to their favorite kennel; you buy them toys they like; and you take pictures of them.  You do all this because you love them and you know they love you unconditionally.

When I started my business…PHOTO BOOK DESIGNS I had a client ask me if I could do a photo book for her of her pets (both past and present).  I did and I thought it was such a great idea and the book turned out so wonderful. She loved it and now she can keep her loved pets right on her coffee table (so to speak).  What a wonderful way to honor not only your family, but really your extend family.   You can put your pet pictures on a jump drive or put them in a folder and email them to me.  I will do a 20 page book.   Don’t forget to include the ones that have gone on to be a pet in heaven.  Check out my website for all the details… …  Note:  You do not pay anything up front, only once you approve the book.

Tips on Taking a Good Photo

What makes you look at a photo?  The color; so it is important when you are taking a good photo to get it right. Yes, you can use a program on the computer to enhance it however taking a good photo makes you feel proud of that you created an eye catching object.

One thing we often do, is we try to get too much into the picture. For example taking a photo of your child and they stand against some busy background. This just takes away from the child and nothing stands out. Try dressing them in bright colors and then have them stand against a neutral background. That way the child will pop out. If you are going to photograph them against a background that has color then you need to have them dressed in a color that will be complementary.  If you don’t then you will have a photo that everything in it is fighting for the attention and nothing stands out so don’t forget to use a good color palette. Sometimes less is best!

The nice thing about digital cameras is that you can take some of those busy pictures, look at them and see what needs to be taken out or where you might move to get a better photo.  Here is a way to know how busy a photo will be; take a picture of your living room see how busy all the objects make it.  This should help you in editing your background.

Happy picture taking.

Celebrate your life with a beautiful photo book.


Yes you can do this! My question to you is when will you? After talking to a number of people this is exactly what I hear. Oh, I can do that; it is easy with all the programs that are out there on the computer. Now here is actually what happens. You don’t make one (photo book) and if you do you spend hours trying to find out what program to use and how it actually works or you start it and never finish. What a shame. I have celebrated a number of events in my life with these beautiful photo books. After making several for myself, friends and family, I’m passionate about people being able to see the beautiful photos that they have taken whether it is vacations or childrens pictures. Not just leaving them on their computer or phone and only looking at them once or twice. Check out photo book designs see how reasonable you can get one made for you. LIKE me so you can follow my blog and get my periodic specials.

Tell a Story


You can take all kinds of pictures, but can you tell a story with those photos?  Now that Christmas is over and you have just got the pictures downloaded to your computer; you show one or two of your photos to your co-workers or friends and then they go into a file that you don’t look at until maybe next year.  Why don’t you get the last several years photos together on a thumb drive.  Put the older ones on first and then the next year until you are up to the current photos.  Once you have done this you can then make a great photo book of your children’s, pets, family or friend’s Christmas.  It would make a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even next Christmas.  If you don’t want to take the time and energy it takes to put it together check out and I will make it for you.