Dementia and Alzheimer’s Memory Book

Memory book

Today I was surfing the net.  Thinking I would just read some interesting articles.  After reading several I came across one that just had to be shared.  It is making a memory photo book for a person who is having problems remembering their family.  There seems to be so little we can do to help them so if this will help for a little while it is worth doing.  If we don’t have someone with this issue right now most likely you will as it touches almost every family.  It was my grandmother.  I hope you will read the entire article it is extremely good and pass it on to others that it might help.

How to make a Memory Book for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients
Katinka Hesselink

Last Paragraph:   Remember: your parent isn’t there to comfort you. That’s no longer an option. Their life is not a movie, it’s the real thing and accepting your parent where they are – remembering or not – is more important than your need for them to slow the process of their disease. Use a memory book when it works and then stop when it no longer does.

Once you have read the article let me know if I can help you make a book for your loved one.  Check out my website, then call me. This is something that is close to my heart.

Aleene Embry