Christmastime is for Sharing

I know this may not be much but I want all my friends, family and clients to know that my wishes for you in 2018 is that God will bless you beyond all blessings.   May you and your families have a wonderful Christmas season!  Merry Christmas……Aleene Embry

Christmas Time is Here

While I was watching a Christmas show on TV today and cleaning out some old brochures and pamphlets I came across one that caught my eye. On the front it had in larger blue lettering “Made Simple” and that got me to thinking about the Christmas season and how we tend to make it so “Complicated”. Why don’t we slow down, enjoy the season, our family and friends, instead of worrying about getting the kids the latest toy or electronic. Give them your “Time” which will be something that only you can give. Love, Cherish and Treasure each other and each moment as this is the best gift you can give.

Merry Christmas from Photo Book Designs.  Check us out you will love our gift ideas!