Father’s Day

JUNE 19, 2016
My Great-Grandfather, Grandfather, Mother
Did you know that Father’s Day idea came about as far back as 1910?  A 27 year old woman named Sonora Dodd wanted to honor father who raised her and her five siblings after her mother died in childbirth.
A bill to nationally recognize the holiday was introduced in Congress in 1913, but really become popular during World War II.  There were two attempts to recognize the holiday but Congress rejected both.  Then in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring father and designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.  Six year later, that date was made a permanent national holiday.  President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.

Honor your father by giving him something that he can always cherish…..a PHOTO BOOK!  What a way to celebrate not only his special day but his life.  You need to get me your photos by June 1 in order to get it done and have it in time for his day!  Just go to my website  www.photobookdesigns.com fill out the order form or call me at 806-790-7001.

Thanks – Mother’s/Graduation Day Photo Books

I want to thank all of you that were interested in having a photo book made for your Mother for Mother’s Day!  I don’t know about you but I have run out of gift ideas for Mother and this is always a good gift.  Mother’s and Grandmother’s love pictures of their children and grandchildren.

Now you better get ready for graduation!  Don’t you think your daughter/son going off to school for the first time would love to have a book of all those funny candid shots of their family?  Maybe not all children will admit that they will get lonesome, but my guess is that they WILL and this is a perfect gift.  You might be able to do it yourself, however WILL YOU?  Time gets away from us!   This is just like all the other things you intend to get done before they leave and it falls by the way side.  Your time is better spent with them doing fun things.  Get me the photos, I can have one done in a couple of weeks (for the first ones that order…may take a little longer if you wait to order) and they will be ready to go.  So get your order in early!

Pets – Pets – Love your Pets?


You take your pets to their favorite kennel; you buy them toys they like; and you take pictures of them.  You do all this because you love them and you know they love you unconditionally.

When I started my business…PHOTO BOOK DESIGNS I had a client ask me if I could do a photo book for her of her pets (both past and present).  I did and I thought it was such a great idea and the book turned out so wonderful. She loved it and now she can keep her loved pets right on her coffee table (so to speak).  What a wonderful way to honor not only your family, but really your extend family.   You can put your pet pictures on a jump drive or put them in a folder and email them to me.  I will do a 20 page book.   Don’t forget to include the ones that have gone on to be a pet in heaven.  Check out my website for all the details… photobookdesigns.com …  Note:  You do not pay anything up front, only once you approve the book.

Graduation is just around the corner

photo books 001p

With graduation just around the corner I want to make my readers an offer I hope they can not refuse.  If you order a photo book between now and May 15, 2016 I will give you a 10% discount.  A photo book would make a one of a kind gift for your student that is graduating, whether it be from high school, college or any other type of schooling.  And what would your Mother love more than a book fill with photos of maybe grand children or all the family members?  However with time running short (for Mother’s Day) I can only get it done if I have your pictures in the next 10 days (by about April 15).  Call me if you need a rush one.

Celebrate your life with a beautiful photo book!

Tips on Taking a Good Photo

What makes you look at a photo?  The color; so it is important when you are taking a good photo to get it right. Yes, you can use a program on the computer to enhance it however taking a good photo makes you feel proud of that you created an eye catching object.

One thing we often do, is we try to get too much into the picture. For example taking a photo of your child and they stand against some busy background. This just takes away from the child and nothing stands out. Try dressing them in bright colors and then have them stand against a neutral background. That way the child will pop out. If you are going to photograph them against a background that has color then you need to have them dressed in a color that will be complementary.  If you don’t then you will have a photo that everything in it is fighting for the attention and nothing stands out so don’t forget to use a good color palette. Sometimes less is best!

The nice thing about digital cameras is that you can take some of those busy pictures, look at them and see what needs to be taken out or where you might move to get a better photo.  Here is a way to know how busy a photo will be; take a picture of your living room see how busy all the objects make it.  This should help you in editing your background.

Happy picture taking.

Taking Photos … Something You Love

Today I was reading an article on how to take better photos.  You know the kind of article; the one that tells you all the right things to look for in the foreground and etc.  Well I got to thinking, I know all that is important, however many times people over complicate the process.  Yes if you are going to be a heavy hit photographer then you need to do all the right things.  But it you are just someone wanting to take good pictures for yourself, family or friends don’t worry so much about every little thing in the picture.  Sometimes those little things make the picture even more interesting.

Emilys ribbon 035p
See this picture.  I was just taking a picture of the Sunset and didn’t even notice the road (that looks like the road to no where doesn’t it).  I find it an interesting picture.


This is another one that I was just capturing the sunset and the trees got in the way (so to speak).  The trees actually give it more depth.  So stop worrying that everything is just right and go ahead an take the picture…you might just be surprised at what you get.

How to talk about yourself.


This is a post that everyone should read.  It will help you in talking about yourself on your website, but also on social media and even when interviewing for a job.  So take a look at it.

A podcast I listen to regularly always begins with the host asking his guests, “How did you end up doing what you do?”  This guy interviews a variety of experts including economists, horticulturists, former FBI agents, nutritionists – even falconers!  I have yet to hear one of them say, “Yep, even as I small child I knew this was my destiny.” Read more


Use your website, your slogan and your logo everywhere!  This will help in branding your product.  There is nothing that will help you more in getting a business off the ground. The more you use these, the more people will know when they see that logo that it is you. It increases your public’s awareness of your business. This provides a level of familiarity for both your present and potential customers. This is how people will learn to about your business.
You must use your website, slogan and logo in every ad, on every piece of paper you send out, and every email you send. Your customers will get familiar with your brand and every time they just see the logo they will know it is you, ie look at any of your major companies .. you see a can of coke you know what you are getting.
By being vigilant about using them the public will become familiar with your product and your business will grow. Now you must have great customer service in order to keep the business going.

My business is PHOTO BOOK DESIGNS.  So taking great photos is important to me, hope you enjoy this picture:

Arkansas 045p


Funky Junk Roundup

Don’t forget to stop by my booth at the Funky Junk Roundup….Lubbock TX.  Saturday March 19….opens 10AM – 4PM Cost $5.00 per adult.  Sign up and you will be in a drawing for 1/2 off your first photo book.  Also you can pick up a card that will give you a discount even if you don’t win the drawing.  I will be excited to see you there.

9 Steps to Starting a Business

If you are thinking of starting a small business here is a good place to start.  The SBA (The US Small Business Administration) is a great resource.  Check it out.

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. These 9 easy steps can help you plan, prepare and manage your business. Click on the links to learn more.