Thanks – Mother’s/Graduation Day Photo Books

I want to thank all of you that were interested in having a photo book made for your Mother for Mother’s Day!  I don’t know about you but I have run out of gift ideas for Mother and this is always a good gift.  Mother’s and Grandmother’s love pictures of their children and grandchildren.

Now you better get ready for graduation!  Don’t you think your daughter/son going off to school for the first time would love to have a book of all those funny candid shots of their family?  Maybe not all children will admit that they will get lonesome, but my guess is that they WILL and this is a perfect gift.  You might be able to do it yourself, however WILL YOU?  Time gets away from us!   This is just like all the other things you intend to get done before they leave and it falls by the way side.  Your time is better spent with them doing fun things.  Get me the photos, I can have one done in a couple of weeks (for the first ones that order…may take a little longer if you wait to order) and they will be ready to go.  So get your order in early!

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