Tips on Taking a Good Photo

What makes you look at a photo?  The color; so it is important when you are taking a good photo to get it right. Yes, you can use a program on the computer to enhance it however taking a good photo makes you feel proud of that you created an eye catching object.

One thing we often do, is we try to get too much into the picture. For example taking a photo of your child and they stand against some busy background. This just takes away from the child and nothing stands out. Try dressing them in bright colors and then have them stand against a neutral background. That way the child will pop out. If you are going to photograph them against a background that has color then you need to have them dressed in a color that will be complementary.  If you don’t then you will have a photo that everything in it is fighting for the attention and nothing stands out so don’t forget to use a good color palette. Sometimes less is best!

The nice thing about digital cameras is that you can take some of those busy pictures, look at them and see what needs to be taken out or where you might move to get a better photo.  Here is a way to know how busy a photo will be; take a picture of your living room see how busy all the objects make it.  This should help you in editing your background.

Happy picture taking.

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