Use your website, your slogan and your logo everywhere!  This will help in branding your product.  There is nothing that will help you more in getting a business off the ground. The more you use these, the more people will know when they see that logo that it is you. It increases your public’s awareness of your business. This provides a level of familiarity for both your present and potential customers. This is how people will learn to about your business.
You must use your website, slogan and logo in every ad, on every piece of paper you send out, and every email you send. Your customers will get familiar with your brand and every time they just see the logo they will know it is you, ie look at any of your major companies .. you see a can of coke you know what you are getting.
By being vigilant about using them the public will become familiar with your product and your business will grow. Now you must have great customer service in order to keep the business going.

My business is PHOTO BOOK DESIGNS.  So taking great photos is important to me, hope you enjoy this picture:

Arkansas 045p


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