How well do you know your Camera?

digital camera by johnny_automatic  KNOWING YOUR CAMERA

Knowing your camera and how it works can make a lot of difference in your pictures.  I suggest that you first read the camera instructions.  When I bought a new camera a few months ago I didn’t take my own advise and when I went on vacation I missed some great shots because I did not know that there was a panoramic setting.  So before you start out using it know what it will actually do, and practice with it.  That is the advantage of the digital world .. you can just erase the photos you don’t like.  If you are still having problems getting it just right you can always go to the maker’s website, ie; your instruction pamphlet will give you their website.  I know this is some basic information but it is the simplest things that make the difference.  Check in later and I will give you some tips on shutter and focusing.


Aleene Embry                              

Photo Book Designs
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