Why Get a Photo Book?

dsc00312pDigital Photo Books helps keep our memories and snapshots of our lives on our coffee tables.  Images take our eyes on a journey through the past and present so we have photos of everything from plates of food to people that are important to us.  My question to you is:  Where are your photos?  In a box… on your phone… on your computer…?

Today, many people take photos with their phones.  If your phone is lost or broken beyond repair, what happens?  Oh no, you forgot to download them to your computer or back them up and they are gone, never to be seen again!

And even if they are not lost, just how many times have you looked at them?  Really looked at them…?  A photo book gives you the opportunity to keep your pictures on your coffee table – where you can enjoy them and show them off to friends and family!

There are so many occasions to make a photo bookwedding guest book,  a special vacation, graduation or Christmas, baby’s first birthday, record your family history just to mention a few.   Photo Book Designs makes it easy because I’ll do the work for you!  Browse our idea library to learn more, and be sure to follow my blog to receive discount codes and updates.




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